Our Services

Web Application

This is a system or application served via the web. Now, this application can be available to public or used only within an organisation. Web Applications have the same typical interfaces like the conventional web site. A web app is just more interactive and sophisticated, tailored for a particular business. Example of a Web Application is a Stock Trading Web Site or a School Management System which we have as one of our products. Vision Corp has all needed skills and craft to deliver your first-rate business web application.

Website Design

A web site is of two types, Static and Dynamic. A dynamic site allows interaction between the site owner and site visitors. A static website or flat page is a basic type of site. Blogging sites and marketing sites are few examples of sites that fall into this category. We deliver high-quality web sites.

Website Maintenance

Many websites/web applications have failed because it is not being managed well. Maintenance is as important as creation, some would say even more vital. The idea is to keep your content well sort out, to check that it still works the way it should and also to guard it against potential attacks. We'll keep your website active and well arranged.

Website and Web App Hosting

We offer hosting services, that is, making your site accessible via the World Wide Web.

Technical Consulting

Is there anything like knowledge? Many businesses are struggling with their systems because knowledge in missing. When you don't know the right thing, you try many wrong things, and that's precious time wasting away. In today's business world, timed knowledge is everything. You need technical advice on how to move your business to the next level? We're here 24/7/365

Email Services

How about having a corporate Email for your business? This is very effective in marketing your products and services on a massive scale.