About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to render professional and good quality services to our client, also to establish good business relationship with client and provide best practice Information Technology solutions that will ease our client organization business process and keep their business moving forward.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make available superior products and services that surpasses the hopes of our esteemed customers and clients. Also to become the best in Africa in all IT related services and also make Nigeria proud of advancement development in IT.


Toblim Simplified Technologies was found in the year 2016 by a noble Nigerian with the mission to bring solution to all IT related problems and proffer the best solution in solving Information Technology (IT) related issues in various services like system maintenance, networking , website design and web application.

Why Choose Us

  • Quality Services

    Toblim Simplified Technologies renders quality services to client in website design, system maintenace and Custome web application. Our client acceptance of services is our pride.

  • Custom Application (Bespoke application)

    Toblim Simplified Technologies undertakes massive researching of customers business by collaborating with customers to effusively understand their business and what they need.

  • Website Design

    Toblim Simplified Technologies offers professional website/dynamic web site and giving client the best design they need to move their business forward.

  • System Maintenace

    Toblim Simplified Technologies provide good and guarantee system/website maintenace to client.

  • Flexible Support

    Toblim Simplified Technologies gives flexible support to client after deployment of intial services/product and make sure client enjoy services/product they subcribe to.

  • Flexible payment method

    Toblim Simplified Technologies gives flexible payment method to client throught dynamic payment process from installament payment ,50/50% payment method, Pay after delivery e.t.c