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Toblim System brings your idea into reality by understanding your business process and fine-tune it using the best software design.

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What We Do

Toblim system (TS) is a IT based company that specialize in specific IT services like website design, web application development (Bespoke application), System/Website maintenance etc.

Who We Are

Toblim System was found in the year 2016 by a noble Nigerian Olawoyin Samson Adewunmi (MD/IT Manager) and has been rendering services to client up-till date in various services like system maintenance, networking , website design and web application.

Our Services:

Web App Development

This is a system or application served via the web. Now, this application can be available to public or used only within an organisation

Website Design

A web site is of two types, Static and Dynamic. A dynamic site allows interaction between the site owner and site visitors.

Website/Web App Maintenance

Many websites/web applications have failed because it is not being managed well. Maintenance is as important as creation, some would say even more vital.

Website and Web App Hosting

We offer hosting services, that is, making your site accessible via the World Wide Web.

Technical Consulting

Is there anything like knowledge? Many businesses are struggling with their systems because knowledge in missing.

Email Services

How about having a corporate Email for your business? This is very effective in marketing your products and services on a massive scale.

Toblim System Major Product

School Management System (Pro - Schoolmgt): Is used for education organizations to handle school work and student data on a daily basis. This system provide means for registering students, documenting results of student exam and other assessment scores, documenting transcripts, generating report cards, tracking performance, tracking attendance, it goes on. This system also provides statistical reports on students who are doing excellently and students who need to improve. It also presents opportunities for parents to know how their kids are fairing in school. Toblim System School Management System is the best for your education establishment. This is a very secure and affordable system for any size of school.

Meet Our Team

Olawoyin Samson

MD/IT Manager

Oyome Richard

Creative Director/Project Manager

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Mobile App Developer

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Client Account Officer/Web Designer

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No 2 prince ngene Jakande, Ojo Lagos.